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Robert Rubino connects current sports news with the past

Santo in Hall of Fame

Ron Santo finally made it to the Hall of Fame on Monday, elected by the Golden Era committee less than a year after his death. Although I strongly believe Minnie Minoso was the best candidate on the old-timers ballot, in fact all the candidates — including Santo, Gil Hodges, Jim Kaat, Luis Tiant, Tony Oliva and Ken Boyer — were worthy of entry to the Hall of Fame.

Minoso’s chances for Hall of Fame

Of the eight former players on Monday’s old-timers Hall of Fame ballot — Gil Hodges, Ron Santo, Jim Kaat, Luis Tiant, Ken Boyer, Minnie Minoso, Tony Oliva and Allie Reynolds, three are Latino — Tiant, Minoso and Oliva. The 16-member Hall of Fame veterans committee (now officially called the Golden Era Committee) that will cast votes Monday consists of one Latino — Juan Marichal. The only voting members who were contemporaries of Minoso are Al Rosen (also a former teammate)… Read More »

Minnie Minoso’s Hall of Fame credentials

On Monday, Dec. 5, a baseball veterans committee will cast votes for the Hall of Fame. While it’s difficult to argue against any of the former stars on the ballot, none is more deserving of the Hall of Fame than Minnie Minoso. In the 10-year period of 1951-60, Minoso, who had starred in both the Cuban and Negro leagues, was an eight-time American League All-Star (four-time starter) who led the AL three times in stolen bases, once in hits, once… Read More »

Happy birthday, Minnie Minoso

The great Orestes Minoso turns 86 today, Nov. 29. It is a profound shame that he is not in the baseball Hall of Fame. Throughout the decade of the 1950s, few players displayed all-around excellence as consistently as Minoso. Mays, Mantle, that’s about it. Minoso was also a star in the Cuban leagues and Negro leagues. Minoso belongs in the Hall of Fame. My column for next Sunday will address Minoso’s qualifications for the Hall of Fame in greater detail.… Read More »

Vizquel to wear Aparicio’s No. 11

I have to admit, as an old-school baseball fan, I was ambivalent, to say the least, over the news that the Chicago White Sox are going to un-retire Hall of Fame shortstop Luis Aparacio’s No. 11 so that newly acquired (and future Hall of Fame shortstop) Omar Vizquel can wear it. But after thinking about it, I’ve decided it’s an honorable idea. Besides, it gives younger generations of baseball fans exposure to Luis Aparacio’s name and, hopefully, to his career.… Read More »