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Robert Rubino connects current sports news with the past

Dubious ‘proof’ of steroid use

Bashers of Barry Bonds often point out his statistics past the age of 35 didn’t coincide with the normal decline of athletic prowess. Well, at age 35, when he should have been slowing down, Hank Aaron hit 44 homers. At 37, he hit 47 homers — his single-season high. At 39, he hit 40 homers. During the 1957 season, during which Ted Williams turned 39, he hit 38 homers and batted .388. During the 1960 season, in which he turned… Read More »

All-time favorite Giants games

What are your all-time favorite Giants games that you’ve seen in person? Let me know. Here are mine: 1. Oct. 27, 2010. Game 1 of the World Series. Watching a Giants game with KNBR’s Brian Murphy is always an exercise in life-affirming camaraderie, but this was transcendent. Brian, a mad genius of a heckler, told Bengie Molina that he still loved him but he would “inevitably” hit into a rally-killing double play, asked Bad Vlad to identify that strange piece… Read More »

Barry Bonds: Jumpin’ Jack flash

Giants fans don’t have to ignore the cloud of steroid-suspected controversy that still hangs over Barry Bonds’ career to smile and appreciate his pregame appearance on Tuesday. Introduced before Game 3 of the NLCS, Bonds looked fit and happy as he trotted out on to the field and did — I kid you not — jumping jacks — or maybe it was just his cheerleading technique, getting the crowd revved up for the game. The capacity crowd at AT&T Park… Read More »

Pennant fever: Giants in 1993

The San Francisco Giants have been giving their fans pennant fever over seven decades, including this season. Previous blogs looked at 1959, ’62, ’65, ’66, ’71 and ’82. Upcoming blogs will take a look at the rest of a top 10 list of pennant-fever seasons, in chronological order. 7. 1993. After beating the Dodgers on Sept. 19, the second-place Giants trailed the first-place Braves by three games. With 15 games remaining, the Giants launch a 12-3 finish behind the hitting… Read More »

If Bonds and Clemens don’t get into HOF

If Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens are denied enshrinement, it will be a powerfully righteous statement. On the other hand, it will render the Hall of Fame a bit ridiculous. What kind of sport would have a Hall of Fame that doesn’t include its single-season and career home-run leader, not to mention someone with more than 500 stolen bases and seven Most Valuable Player awards. What kind of sport would have a Hall of Fame that doesn’t include a 354-game… Read More »

Top 5 all-time Giants home openers: No. 4

In a countdown to the 2010 baseball season, Old School blog is running brief descriptions of the most significant home openers in the history of the Oakland A’s and SF Giants — one a day, a total of five for each team. We’ve already done the A’s. No. 5 was the Giants opener in 2000. Next up: No. 4 April 12, 1993. Florida Marlins at SF. Attendance 56,689. This game might easily have been played in St. Petersburg. The media… Read More »