Bud Greenspan used to call the Olympics “two weeks of love.” This is the first Olympics in 60 years that he will miss.

Greenspan, who died 19 months ago at 84, pretty much invented the Olympic film genre, Leni Riefenstahl (“Olympia,” 1938) notwithstanding. His body of film work, which included 10 “official” assignments as Olympic documentarian and countless unofficial, independent stints, stretch from the 1952 Summer Games to the 2010 Winter Games. His accomplishments are nothing short of, well, Olympian.

Greenspan seemed unfazed by such criticism. In an interview with ESPN in 2002, he said: “I spend my time on the 99 percent of what’s good about the Olympics” while others “spend 100 percent of their time on the one percent that’s negative. I’ve been criticized for seeing things through rose-colored glasses. I say if that’s true, what’s so bad? I’m not good at hurting people.”

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