This week, in conjunction with a column I wrote celebrating the 20th anniversary of “Field of Dreams” (it can be read online at pressdemocrat.com), I wrote a series of blogs extending that celebration to fun facts about the film and concluded with a short trivia quiz. Today, the answers to that quiz.

Question: When the Moonlight Graham character, played by Burt Lancaster, fantasizes about getting a hit in the big leagues if he had gotten a chance to bat, what kind of hit does he imagine?

Answer: A triple (with a head-first slide into third).

Question: In 1988, a year before “Field of Dreams,” Joe Jackson was featured in another film. What was the film and who played Shoeless Joe?

Answer: “Eight Men Out” D.B. Sweeney played Joe Jackson.

Question: Before appearing in “Field of Dreams,” Kevin Costner appeared in another baseball film. What was the film and what was the name of his character?

Answer: “Bull Durham” Costner played Crash Davis.

Question: When the Joe Jackson character, played by Ray Liotta, brings other deceased ballplayers to join his Black Sox, who does he say that the group specifically excluded.

Answer: Ty Cobb.

Question: When the question is asked of the Costner character twice during the movie: “Is this heaven?” what is his response?

Answer: “It’s Iowa.”

Question: What college did the Costner character and his wife, played by Amy Madigan, attend?

Answer: UC Berkeley

Thanks to all who treasure “Field of Dreams” as much as I do for reading my column and blogs and participating in the trivia quiz in celebration of this beautiful film’s 20th anniversary.

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  1. Bill Lewis

    I’m developing a personal website dedicated to the Field of Dreams, and I was wondering if you had any more behind-the-scenes info (trivia, bloopers, fun facts, etc.) related to the field. Also, any ideas for my website, or any FOD ideas you’d like to see on a website would be appreciated! I’m just starting the website, not a whole lot there yet. Take a look and sign the guestbook, please. :-)



    November 4th, 2012 12:38 pm

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